Five Tasks You Can Outsource Now To Attract New Business

Five Tasks You Can Outsource Now To Attract New Business

These five tasks can be outsourced instantly to help reduce costs and increase productivity. Outsourcing can be a great way to grow a company while keeping costs down. Many small business owners hesitate to hire overseas talent. However, there are many skilled jobs that can be performed by overseas workers with high levels of dedication and quality work.

An international marketing support team that is well-trained and focused can help your day team execute marketing campaigns and provide support roles in sales to ensure the brand is exposed to the right people to bring in new business. Sometimes the first person you hire may not be the right one. Start small and build trust before you hire outsourced workers for larger projects. I have never hired someone to do a large job before and I am happy that I made this decision for myself long ago.

Graphic Design

It’s a good idea to have someone who supports your in-house graphic designers in the evening. Even if you’re just looking for additional color samples or new photos, or are available to complete rush orders overnight, it doesn’t matter what. An outsourced graphic designer is a great choice if you need to quickly adjust marketing collateral or online graphics for a joint venture partner who has frequent product changes and specials.

Deal sites / Social Media

Regular employees may find it difficult to post updates and messages on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, if the benefit is substantial for the joint venture relationship, then it might be worth paying for an outsourced employee who can make posts, forward direct messages to the right person before responding and maintain a presence on social media. Active participation on social media sites such as Slickdeals and fat wallet can also be a great way to make use of your social media support person’s time. These sites offer shopping deals that are moderated and monitored by the entire community. These sites should be submitted if there are specials that could be promoted.

Article / Blog Writing

Search Engine Optimization can be achieved by hiring an article writer to help you rank higher in search engines such as Google for key keywords. It is important to take care when posting articles to your website. If the articles are not good or stolen from another site, it could end up harming your brand. It is best to have someone draft and submit content, then review and post it. Although a team member may be hired to post articles on the internet referencing the company, it might not require the extra review. However, only trusted employees should do this activity because it can still have a negative effect on the brand. It’s important to create new content quickly, despite the disadvantages of article writers.

Sales Support

Train an outsourced employee to answer an online form and ask the first layers of questions for all submissions to websites. This helps to filter the business and ensure that the correct person is receiving the email.

24/7 Support for Website

A customer service representative or sales rep can be trained to run a live chat on behalf of a website service like Appmakr. This allows the website to provide an instant chat with a company representative in order to answer any questions. An overseas team member can take over if a US-based representative is unavailable to use the live chat system during working hours. Even though they may not be able to answer all the customer’s questions, they can still get the basics down and set up a time to have a follow-up conversation with a sales representative.

Many jobs can be outsourced overseas to help attract new business. Although it can be difficult to hire new employees, especially if they live overseas, you will be able to execute joint venture marketing campaigns more efficiently and increase your ROI than if you don’t have international support.

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