Ten Efficiency Boosting Tips for Your Service Department

Ten Efficiency Boosting Tips for Your Service Department

It is now that you can break free of the economic constraints.

There are many challenges, but there are also opportunities for the smart and bold. Greater productivity is the key to renewal in the service industry. Service providers need to improve customer satisfaction while keeping costs low. These are some ways to make your business more efficient, profitable, and competitive.

1. Don’t let billing slip

Automate the generation of invoices and ensure that every job is properly invoiced. Even if the job was small, it’s easy for people to forget about an invoice. This is still revenue you should be collecting. Manual invoice processing is more susceptible to errors, which can lead to delayed invoice payments or missed invoices. This could be the difference between going into recession or being in the black. Your billing will stay ahead of the curve when invoices are automatically generated.

2. Find out the cost and value of each contract

You can’t afford to lose your money on unprofitable service contracts in these difficult times. Is each contract actually covering the service cost? To determine the profit and loss ratios for each contract, analyze them individually.

3. Boost worker productivity

Small time savings and increased efficiency can add up to huge savings. Service call takers will have the most current customer, contract, and service information available at their fingertips. This reduces call-taking time & costs and increases technician scheduling efficiency.

4. To achieve more with the same resources, work smarter

Share information between departments. A good system allows you to enter information once and then integrate it between the parts department, sales department, and contract administrators. This greatly reduces or eliminates repetitive tasks and increases productivity.

5. Automate your parts inventory

To be efficient, service technicians must have quick access to the correct parts. Overstocked warehouses can cost you money. An automated software program that is tailored to meet the needs of companies can help you achieve a balance between parts demand and supply. An automated system can reduce inventory losses and inventory carrying costs, resulting in higher profits.

6. Mobile communications can increase efficiency

It is a competitive disadvantage for a business to not communicate in real time with clients and field staff. There are many options available for quick and accurate information exchange, including wireless, Internet, and e-mail-based. Fewer misunderstandings. Your staff will have more time to do the things they need. Remote solutions can help you free up valuable human resource.

7. High fuel costs shouldn’t eat into your profits

You are wasting money driving paperwork back and forth from customer sites due to high fuel costs. You can save money and increase your billing cycle speed by having technicians complete the work order on the spot. They can even capture the signature of the customer and then enter it into your system, which will generate invoices immediately.

8. Preventative maintenance should be planned carefully

You can set up your PM schedules according the contract terms and then automatically generate the jobs when needed. A good service management system will allow dispatchers to know what preventative maintenance is required before taking service calls. This allows them to schedule the jobs at the same time, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Non-contracted customers are a revenue opportunity. All PM’s should be set up in the system. Call non-contract customers when a PM is due for additional business.

9. Get to know your team

Is everyone in your team as efficient as possible? Low-performing employees can increase costs and decrease customer satisfaction. The service software will provide you with all the information you need regarding the productivity of each technician. This includes average time to complete service calls and average response times. It also lists parts used and the revenue generated per technician. This information allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your staff, so that you can make adjustments.

10. Attention to customers already in business

One customer is worth two. It is always easier to retain a customer than to find a new one. Service software can help you anticipate customer needs, increase responsiveness, and reduce call-backs. This will allow you to maintain a strong customer base.

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