Three Ways Business Portraits Will Help Increase Exposure For Your New Business

Three Ways Business Portraits Will Help Increase Exposure For Your New Business

One of the best ways to promote your business is through grass roots promotion. The term grass roots promotion is most commonly used in the music business. This is a very simple form of marketing that promotes an artist or band using flyers, posters and word-of-mouth. This method of promotion has been used for many years. It’s affordable for all budgets and works. This type of buzz promotion requires professional images and eye-catching material. You have a service that you offer, not a product you want to promote. Promoting your service is the best way to market it. Let me show you 3 ways that grass root promotion can help you promote your service or yourself with business portraits. This will increase your visibility which will lead to increased sales.

Imagine that your neighbour is in the same industry as you, and you end up meeting a potential client. Your pitch ends with a “Give us a call” and you hand them a business card. The neighbour will then have the same closing, but only with a brochure and business card. All of this is done with professional imaging. Your neighbour will also find a way for you to get the email address of your prospective client. The new lead will not only receive a business card connecting them to the service but also a professional email reminding him why he should contact you. Your neighbour now has a professional website, complete with business portraits and a pitch for his service. Are you confident that you are better than your neighbour? Which one do you think will win the call? Which client’s face will you remember?

Professional imaging is essential for all marketing materials. There are three great ways to market your services and yourself without spending too much.

1. Website: This is an important feature to include on your website, even if you have a staff member. A professional portrait can make your website more trustworthy. People love to see a face associated with a company. They want to know the person they are dealing with.

2. Business cards: These are so cost-effective when it comes to marketing your business to potential customers. This is the same principle that people want to see a picture about who they do business with. There are many companies that offer business cards printing for free online. Although they may include your logo and website on the cards, it is still worth making the investment to have your business card printed. These cards should be given out to anyone who asks. It’s impossible to predict what kind of seed will sprout and turn into a sale.

3. Flyers, newsletters, and brochures can be published. It is a great way to build a client list. A website, or real-life interaction with potential customers, can help you grow your list. Once your list is established, you can market your promotional materials. Make sure you include attractive images in your promotional materials. These photos don’t have to look like they belong in a magazine. They just need to be clear and have the professional-taken appearance.

Imagine selling a product in a world without images or videos. Those days are now. This assertion is supported by the growth of auction websites. There is a proven fact that items that have images to accompany their descriptions sell better. These websites are great at selling items, as they allow the items to sell by themselves. The same applies to your product or service.

Don’t envy your competitors who have it all with stunning imagery. To better market your services and yourself, find a way to have professional product or business portraits taken. This is a simple step that can make a huge difference in your business’ revenue.

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