Six Things You Must Do If You Want To Generate Residual Revenue With Your Webinars

Six Things You Must Do If You Want To Generate Residual Revenue With Your Webinars

The internet can provide a great way to generate residual income. To ensure that you are able to offer webinar training, there are some steps you must follow. Although the steps are straightforward and easy to follow, many people who create webinars fail to implement them properly so that they don’t get the income returns they hoped for.

1. Find topics of interest to you.

Webinars are a great way to learn. How can you determine what topics will be of interest to people? You can find out what people are discussing, asking questions, and having problems with. It is possible to find great information by joining topic-specific forums and groups on social media sites, as well as Yahoo Answers.

2. Find the top 5 questions about your topic

After you have selected a topic that is both interesting to you and of interest to you, choose the five most frequently asked questions. These will become the topic of your webinar. This will make your landing page easier to search engines and more relevant to your audience.

3. Make a landing page to promote the webinar

After you’ve decided on the topic and 5 questions, it is time to choose a date and build your landing page. This step is much easier than you might think, as you already have all the information you need to create your landing page. The topic is now clear. You also know the problems people have with the topic. These are the five questions that you will answer. This will make up the bulk of the landing page’s content. Include a bit about yourself and the reasons why you should be listened to to to help people complete the pages. If it is a paid webinar, the last thing you need is a payment button.

4. Slides for the webinar

Create your webinar content. The slide projection should include a brief introduction, your contact information, a list of topics, and answers to questions. Most slide presentation software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint and iWorks Pages, can be used. Slides should be attractive and easy to follow.

5. Record the webinar and save it.

Next, you need to hold the webinar. You will need to choose a webinar platform that allows you to record the webinar and then download it to your computer in a video file. It is important to choose a format that can be used on different operating systems, as opposed to the proprietary format some webinar services use.

6. Recorded webinars can be uploaded to webinar replay service for replay

Register for a webinar replay program that allows you replay webinars at any time you wish. Upload your recorded webinar to this service. You should ensure that the service you choose can play the same video format you saved your webinar. This is why you should save your webinar in a standard format. After you have established a schedule, update your landing page to reflect the times of your replayed webinar.

These steps will help you increase the success rate of your webinars. It is important to ensure that you get the best services and the right tools in order to increase your revenue potential. Next, poll your target market to determine their top three problems. Then design a webinar series that addresses these issues. Next, choose the tools that you can use to make a permanent money machine by replaying webinars.

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