Five Extra Services a Print Company Can Offer

Five Extra Services a Print Company Can Offer

Print companies offer more than simple printing. Print companies often offer additional services, such as virtual printing, marketing, and reprographics. A good idea is to speak to a print company about your project so they can give you advice and best practices. Below are some services that you may find at your local printers.

1 Certificate printing services

Certificates can be used to recognise the achievements and training of students at educational institutions or employees in the workplace. Numerous print companies offer specialist certificate printing services that include embossing and foiling to create unique certificates.

2 Binding services

While it’s possible to publish books online, there is still demand for the actual thing. You can hold your own book and have your name printed on the front cover. Many print companies offer book binding services. These binding services will give your book an professional edge. You can also use book binding techniques to larger documents like dissertations, theses, and corporate information.

3) Gift voucher printing

Your customers can give gift vouchers to their loved ones as a secure way to buy them gifts at their favorite shops, restaurants or theatres. Your local printer can help you give your customers the option to buy gift certificates. You should be able to get gift envelopes printed to give your customers their vouchers. They can also add security holograms or attractive foiled text.

4) Portfolio printing

Portfolios are used by photographers, models, designers and artists as well as business professionals to highlight their work and showcase their qualifications. Portfolios that are not professionally presented can lead to poor quality work or even being overlooked. Portfolio printing is offered by many print companies. It features high-quality paper and ink, professionally printed photos and photographs, and personalised printed pages.

5) Annual Report Printing

An annual report can include a variety of topics, including CEO and chairperson reports, accounting reports and environmental policies. It can be difficult to compile and present these reports professionally, as there is so much information. Specialised annual report printing services can help you present your information clearly to key members of your organisation. A few printers can even assist you in designing the final report, such as the cover and elements such as the best paper and quality for your report.


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