Cheap Car Insurance – Seven Simple Yet Effective Tips

Cheap Car Insurance – Seven Simple Yet Effective Tips

It is difficult to find affordable car insurance these days. It is getting increasingly difficult to find cheap car insurance. Here are seven ways to get cheaper auto insurance policies.

1. Make sure you choose the right vehicle for you. You should look out for cars with smaller engines. You will also benefit if the car has limited modification possibilities. This will give the insurance company more assurance that the car won’t be modified into a muscle car, or that thieves won’t steal it for resale.

2. You need to decide how much coverage you require. If your car is inexpensive, you will not need more than 3rd party coverage. This is the minimum coverage required in England. It’s not worth paying for comprehensive coverage for cars that are less expensive.

3. Choose carefully when choosing policy options. Be sure to select only the essential.

4. Limit the use of your car. Most car insurance companies offer standard and domestic policies. You can save money on your premiums if you don’t use your car for long-distance travel.

5. The ‘voluntary surplus’ can be raised – If you are involved in an accident, the amount you will pay voluntarily is the ‘voluntary excess. Your premium will decrease the higher your ‘voluntary excess.

6. You can agree to keep the car in a secure garage for the night. Most auto insurance companies will offer discounts of 8-10% if the car is kept in a secure garage over the night.

7. You can get discounts if you add security devices such as car alarms, immobilizers, or trackers. Ask your insurer about which security devices they offer discounts for.

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